How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement by 324%

By Neil Patel

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With over 190,000,000 visitors going to Twitter each month, you would be silly not to leverage it. But you already know that…

So, the real question is: “How do you gain traffic from it?”

When Twitter first came out, gaining traffic from it was simple. All you had to do was sign up, and people would naturally follow you because there weren’t millions of other users to choose from. And when you tweeted a link, people would click on it as the concept of tweets was new.

But now that people are used to this, gaining traffic from Twitter isn’t as easy as it used to be. Due to this, I decided to create an infographic that will teach you how to grow your Twitter traffic and engagement by 324%.

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Marketing yourself or your business on Twitter is something that you can easily master, but it will take time. Typically, you won’t see great results from Twitter in the first few months of being on it, but after six months to a year, the results should be great.

Among my three blogs – Quick Sprout, KISSmetrics, and Crazy Egg, I am easily able to generate over 50,000 visitors a month from Twitter. But, again, it took me years to get there.

If you only have time to follow one piece of advice from this infographic, make sure you tweet on Saturday and Sunday at either 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm as that is when you’ll end up getting a lot of engagement.

How else can you increase your Twitter engagement?

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