Boston Globe Covers New gTLD Domain Names

By Elliot Silver

Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe wrote an article about the new gTLD domain names today, and I think it offers a very good overview of the new domain names that are coming to the market. In the article, Dot-specific domain names on way to the Web, Bray shared insight from a number of familiar names in the domain space, including Mason Cole, Braden Pollock, Kevin Murphy, and me.

I’ll let you read the article for yourself, but it covers everything from the opportunity new TLDs will create for business who want to use them to the opportunity for domain investors to purchase these new domain names.

To me, the most exciting thing about the new TLDs is the fact that at this moment nobody knows for sure what is going to happen. Many people think they know exactly how things will shape up, but we are at a very interesting point in time. As I’ve said many times, I think people may eventually adopt some of the new extensions, but I think it will cause lots of confusion, and .com domain names will continue to be the most widely used extension for the foreseeable future. I may be wrong, and I may be right, and it’s going to be exciting to see how things shape up.

Back when I was in elementary school, I was really excited to see my name in the newspaper for making the honor roll. As my parents can attest, this didn’t happen very often, so it was exciting when it did happen. I have to admit, seeing my name in the Boston Globe (for something other than the Playboy Mansion party) was pretty cool.

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