Month: January 2014

I think and think for months, for years. Ninety-nine times the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right. Albert Einstein, 18 April 1955

I think and think for months, for years. Ninety-nine times the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right. Albert Einstein, 18 April 1955

15 more New gTLDs went live: .TOKYO, .DATING, .BOUTIQUE, etc.


SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on January 30th, 2014


Consultation on rules for private individuals under .no (Norway)


DomainSherpa Review, Sherpa Challenge – Jan 30, 2014


Daily Sales Recap 1-29-14 sells for $6608


Weekly Brokerage Listings – 1/29




Boston Globe Covers New gTLD Domain Names


January Great Domains Auction Results


Domain popularity: And the PR 10 award goes to …


GoDaddy’s Statement Regarding the @N PayPal/GoDaddy Issue


Stay Focused


5 Reasons Why I Believe The .CO Top Level Domain Was A Winner


Super Bowl Bet: vs. Enom


7 Essential Ingredients Every SEO Campaign Needs


Big names from igloo:,,,, and more


Directi joins family in $100m deal


Go Daddy Statement on the @N Hack


BRANDABLE NAMES AVAILABLE TO REGISTER Looks like HugeDomains, & Mach10Ventures have been on a registering frenzy taking about 60% of the names we looked into so this weeks list is not the best but its still got rudish one word POKEABLE, 5 letter brandable ELIQU, tasty name KNACHOS & non brandable but good for rent comparison site RENT…

Information Week Covers 4 things businesses must know about the new gtlds


I can’t believe that God plays dice with the universe. Albert Einstein, 18 April 1955

I can’t believe that God plays dice with the universe. Albert Einstein, 18 April 1955  

SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on January 28th, 2014

By ShaneCultra I am just getting back to feeling full strength after trying to see how far I could push my body and how many desserts I could eat in a 10 day period (answer 57). I am going to try and ruin all that with an 8 mile run at -6 degrees. I’ll…

Live Auction Event in Macau confirmed for March 21

By Raymond Hackney There will be a live auction in Macau on March 21, 2014. TLD Registry LTD will be hosting the auction for two new Chinese gtlds. Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website. Here is a video about Dot Chinese Online From the article: TLD Registry Ltd, the home of the ……

GigaOM “How GoDaddy plans to become a real tech company for real people”

By Raymond Hackney The Domains: GigaOm did a very lengthy piece earlier today on Go Daddy and on the maturation process the company has embarked upon to become more of a technology company. Blake Irving certainly has shaken things up with a lot of the focus being on small business. The company has made acquisitions…

Wells Fargo (.MOBI) Morphs Into Get Banking Done (.com)

By The Frager factor The Frager factor: Have a look at what .Mobi thought it could be. In the commercial three friends show just how easy and convenient mobile banking can be using their smartphones and tablets to deposit a check, pay a bill, and pay a friend back for tickets all while getting ready…

New TLDs on 2014 SXSW Agenda

By Elliot Silver The South by Southwest (SXSW) event held annually in Austin, Texas is a mixture of technology and music. This year’s SXSW agenda features a brief session about the new TLDs that will be available later on this year. The Future15 15 minute session will be led by Jeremiah Johnston, General Counsel at…

Domain Name Sold For $350,000 USD at Sedo

By Konstantinos Zournas Dave Evanson, senior sales and brokerage consultant for, announced today at Twitter that he co-brokered the sale of the domain name for $350,000 with Negar Hajikhani, a sales executive at Sedo. The domain was bought by TrueCar Inc. … → Source: Domaining     

End Users Building on Recent Acquisitions, Round 2.

By Aaron This is round 2 of looking at some recent end user acquisitions of domains. You can find round 1 here. Listed below are the domain names, acquisition price (2013), current use, and screenshot which is linked to their site. Source: Domaining     

Daily Sales Recap 1-27-14 sells for $350,000 on Sedo

By By: Raymond Hackney Daily Sales Recap January 27, 2014 Sedo Sales (1,200 USD) (3,333 GBP) (350,000 USD) (1,200 USD) (2,824 EUR) NameJet $ $1,100 Afternic $1, $2, $1, $2,395TheH… Source: Domaining     

The East Coast Asked. We Delivered.

By Morgan I don’t talk about fashion much on my blog but as I learned at NamesCon there are actually a lot of stylish domain investors out there. From Michael Berkens ( wearing some nice Robert Graham shirts to Frank Schilling who looks stylish every time I see him, let’s just say it was… Acquires for $350,000

By Elliot Silver Just co-brokered sale of True(.)com for $350,000 with Negar Hajikhani! Congrats to buyer and seller! — dave evanson (@SedoDaveEvanson) January 27, 2014 On Twitter this morning, Sedo broker Dave Evanson reported that he and Negar Hajikhani co-brokered the sale of, and the buyer and new registrant is, a car pricing…

Enom’s gTLD Prices Just Pulled the Old Switcharoo on Me

By admin I went to Enom and was checking out the gTLDs you can preorder there. I saw the prices and wanted to check on a few to see if they were reserved or not. I logged into my account and now … → Source: Domaining     

IBM & Deloitte Will Use .UNO for Their Collaborative New Brand: TRADEMARK-CLEARINGHOUSE.UNO and T…

By David Eccles Deloitte & IBM will use the new .UNO extensions to gain access to and highlight their commitment to Spanish speaking communities. Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) January 27, 2014 Dot Latin LLC announced today the delegation of two key domain names to Deloitte & IBM to … → Source: Domaining     

ICANN makes progress on data retention waivers for domain name registrars

By Andrew Allemann Domain Name Wire: ICANN posts its first preliminary determination on a data retention waiver. ICANN published today the first preliminary determination on a registrar’s request to change the data retention requirements in the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The 2013 RAA requires registrars to keep certain information about their cu… Source: Domaining…

Skrill / MoneyBookers Goes Bust – Get Your Money Out if You Still Can!

By Michael Domain Magnate: Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers, is going bust according to latest reports. Over the past several months they’ve started randomly freezing, suspending and closing accounts, as well as applying random credit card charges. Multiple cases were reported. Their support is almost non existent, getting a reply is very rare. Rec… Source:…

Domain Name Q&A – January 27th 2014 ( sale to GoDaddy confirmed)

By Konstantinos Zournas I am using the search terms that visitors of my blog are using at Google and other search engines to find my website. Some of the search terms are in the form of a question and some are not. I … → Source: Domaining

By Joseph Peterson Auction: Just $225 at auction currently. Apps are everywhere. Every App needs a designer. Source: Domaining     

First European registrar to get Whois data opt-out

By Kevin Murphy ICANN plans to give a French registrar the ability to opt out of parts of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement due to data privacy concerns. OVH, the 14th-largest registrar of gTLD domains, asked ICANN to waive parts of the RAA that would require it to keep hold of registrant Whois data…

Domain Names and the Greater Fool Theory

By KJ eBusinessDomains: In accountancy, and the business world in general, a profit is simply the excess of revenue over cost. So if you sell something for more than what you paid originally to acquire it, then you have turned a profit. This profiteering concept is played out in the domain industry quite easily. One…

Little Rooster Gives Women A “BUZZ” Between The Legs, BitCoin Bust

By The Frager factor The Frager factor: PLUS: The Death Of Expertise, 7 Modern Day Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression, Why Brooklyn (and .CO) Is The New Mecca For Fledgling Tech Startups, Uber rival accuses car service of dirty tactics, Playboy lights up a new e-commerce site selling electronic cigarettes and hookahs and… Smart…

Domain brain development: Click PPC money but TRAFFIC good news Facebook

By DomainGang Domain development – art of make money – a PPC click by Sedo, fantastic news, scroll gTLDs find dot .sexy. Zappy Zappolin, Facebook domain investor, clicked movies of domain developers: “Crap gTLD and dot .com bitcoin, some instagram revenue!” Domain research data, but Elliot skiing, and GoDaddy … Source: Domaining     

The Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience


TRAFFIC Conference to Hold No Reserve gTLD Domain Auction


My First Ever Pictorial Blog Post

By Soars 40% In Debut; Samsung’s curved 4K TV Rules; Learn From A Squatting Pro


What domain names Pepsi and others bought


Daily Picks for .Travel Auction at SnapNames 1/127/14


Mail Online ( buys domain name for £1m-plus


Marc Ostrofsky Gives Us the Inside Story on Home Depot’s Big Purchase of

DNJournal: When the Wall Street Journal reported that Home Depot had acquired, I immediately remembered that was a domain and business that industry pioneer Marc Ostrofsky had invested in. So, over the weekend I caught up with Marc to get the inside story on this mega deal. Source: Domaining     

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