Month: June 2011

Why ICANN’s Approval of New gTLDs is Good For .COM

It’s official, ICANN just approved the launch of new Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) — at a cost of $185,000 per application, plus a $25,000 annual fee. So what does this all mean for .COM? I say that this is good news, and it will only increase in value of .COM. It’s simple — adding noise…

Why We Chose the Name DomainHole

Since we first launched in Public Beta Mode, one of the most reoccurring comments we’ve received was about our name, DomainHole. Some people love it, some people hate it, and others just made fun of it. I briefly explained the name choice in my Domain Sherpa interview, but I wanted to elaborate here and explain…

DomainHole Public Launch is Announced!

We’re excited to announce DomainHole’s official public release date — July 31st, 2011. We’d like to thank everybody who participated in our Beta release, and a special thanks goes to those who submitted feedback on our tools. We’ve made many advances to our backend, and we believe we’re ready to scale. To celebrate our official…

DomainHole Promo Video

We’re excited to launch our first DomainHole promotional video! This two minute video shows you quick snapshots of the tools DomainHole has to offer, and how you can use them to find great domains. Source: Domain Hole     

Development Update for June 5th

Hello Domainers. We just finished launching several updates to our live codebase, and we wanted to provide a summay of the changes for you. Source: Domain Hole     

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